Normal Transparent Products

Nude Package for tools, dolls, cosmetics,
mecellaneous etc.

For Printing Materials

For package and fancy after printing



For Cards

The raw material for credit card,
telephonecard, combi card, RF card etc.

For Playing Card

For playing(Trump) Card

For Press Plate

- To be used for manufacturing the PVC thick
   plate for semi-conductor processing
   unit & PCB, LCD processing unit
- Thick plate for plating bath & duct

For Name Plate

Manufacturing the name plate for
remote-controller & electronic goods

For Mouse Pad

For manufacturing the mouse pad

For Vacuum Forming

Package for tools, toys, miscellaneous etc.


High heat resistant plate

This plate is widly used for Hi-tech industry like as
Semi-conductor, LCD and PDP producing.

Anti-static plate

Specially it is used for covers and doors
of the devices written above.

Normal plate

We can adjust various color and wide thickness
range because we produce it by Calendering
and Hot pressing facility.

Anti-static forming grade

This forming grade plate has been developed for
the customer's special needs from
the growing of Hi-tech industry.

The welding rod for PVC Plate

All coustomer can use crown welding rod
with crown plate easily